Planning for 2015

Next week the newly elected 2015 executive council will meet in person to plan and set goals for the year. Our #1 priority will be scheduling workshops and seminars that you will be excited to attend. Some of the contacts who have shown interest in speaking here this year are:

If you would like to attend any of these, then let us know and we can pursue then further. Please contact us with your suggestions.

We are currently working on starting a new Book Club, monthly Beverage User Interface (BUI) networking events, and webinars as the one below. Review the UIE webinars and contact us if you see one you would like to attend.

Our first community partnership event for 2015 is the Triangle AMA's High Five Conference on Feb 25-26. As part of your TriUXPA membership you will receive a 15% discount (contact us for more details).

Next Event

[UIE Webinar] Cohesive Design Systems for Enterprise with Nathan Curtis

Design systems are often difficult to understand. Some systems give so much value to the organization, but stifle innovation. Defining what we want to accomplish- and how to get there - can be a constant uphill battle if we can’t “paint the picture” of what a cohesive experience looks like. As designers, we need to show how products work together, so we don’t have to create something new every time.

In this virtual seminar, Nathan Curtis demonstrates how to approach design systems and standards across products, teams, and organizations to produce cohesive user experiences at scale. You’ll gain an appreciation for the core of the design system and understand how to promote its value throughout your organization.

Join us for this live webinar at SAS on Thursday, January 29, 2015! The virtual seminar will begin promptly at 1:30 PM, preceded by 15 minutes for socializing and networking. Come early to meet your fellow Triangle UXPA members and talk shop!

* You must be present at the host location to view this webinar.

Learn more and register


29 Jan 2015 1:15 PM • SAS Training Room, Building F, Room 101, 200 SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NC 27513
29 Jan 2015 6:30 PM • Centerline Digital, 509 W North St, Raleigh, NC

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